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Brian Blum at The Jerusalem Post, Magic, demons and Judaism: what to do with troubling texts? writes about two sessions given by Robin Stamler's and Calev Ben Dor, “It wasn't just the lead that was boiling now. I felt a burning sense of theological indignation”.

Jeremy Sharon at The Jerusalem Post, Limmud comes to Jerusalem “The Limmud international Jewish learning organization held one of its renowned conventions over two days on Thursday and Friday in Jerusalem, and included a plethora of panel discussions, presentations and workshops from a diverse list of speakers on subjects ranging from Jewish food and culture to female Jewish spiritual leadership, and peace building, to rabbinical power. Among just some of the speakers and presenters were MK Aliza Lavie of the Yesh Atid party; Mutassim Ali, a refugee from Darfur leading the struggle for political asylum; Iris Yaniv, a secular humanist rabbi; Ephraim Tziyon-Lavai, a keis (Ethiopian Jewish religious leader); comedian Yisrael Campbell; and The Jerusalem Post's Lahav Harkov who presented a model Knesset workshop.”

Eitan Press, 3 Reasons Why I'm Glad I Plugged My Jewish Mind Into Limmud JLM “Besides the 'what' of Limmud, the amazing content, and people, the 'how' of Limmud, the way the platform works, is something I really admire. I would call Limmud a a grassroots, volunteer-run, crowd-powered, pop-up Jewish university.”

Limmud Jerusalem Opens Today “Limmud JLM is important in light of the shocking events of the summer,” Limmud International Chair David Bilchitz told eJP, “We need to come together in the face of the divisiveness among Jerusalem's mosaic of communities. Limmud JLM models the tolerance, search for understanding and bridge-building so sorely needed to move forward in Israel.”

Judy Maltz at Haaretz, reporting on a session at Limmud JLM by Sara Yael Hirschhorn 60,000 American Jews Live in the West Bank, New Study Reveals “This is the second time Limmud, the global Jewish learning movement, is holding an event in Jerusalem. Its previous one in the capital, which drew 500 participants, was held in May 2012. The organizers estimated that roughly 600 would be attending the current Limmud JLM. 'Limmud JLM expresses the true face of Jerusalem, the worldwide capital of Jewish diversity and creativity', said presenter Aaron Leibowitz, a Jerusalem City Council member from the pluralist Yerushalmim Party who is also an Orthodox rabbi. 'I cannot express how valuable this gathering is to the future of the city.'”

Jessica Steinberg at The Times of Israel - Festival of learning kicks off in Jerusalem “Limmud Jerusalem Jewish conference offers two days of diverse study sessions and activities”

Jerusalem's Jewish Culture Extravaganza Nadia Levene and Regev Ben David, co-chairs of this year's Limmud Jerusalem Conference, tell Voice of Israel's Molly Livingstone about the two-day event. (audio)

Elhanan Miller at The Times of Israel: “One thing Jerusalem doesn"t lack is Jewish learning opportunities. From Orthodox batei midrash to secular yeshivas, the city seems to provide a space for every intellectual or spiritual flavor. What is more difficult to come by, the organizers of Limmud Jerusalem argue ahead of a conference August 27-28, is a framework for all these streams to come ogether under one roof. Limmud"s unique pluralism can go a long way in bridging the city"s divides, they say.”

Limmud UK 2014: The best New Year's Eve of my life began with a lecture on the Eichmann trial

Nadia Levene on Radio Kol Hashalom talking about Limmud, from minute 48.

'Leave Your Agenda at Home': Limmud in Jerusalem by William Kolbrener at The Times of Israel

Lag Ba'omer: Celebration or tragedy? by Deborah Danan at The Jerusalem Post. Professor William Kolbrener and Dr. David Hazony join The Jerusalem Post to speak about their thoughts on Lag B'omer ahead of Limmud Jerusalem's "A Taste of Limmud" conference this coming Thursday.

Limmud, Jerusalem and me by Rocco Giansante at The Times of Israel

Taste of Limmud Jerusalem Premiers This Week at eJewish Philanthropy.

Limmud goes to Jerusalem by Nathan Jeffay at The Jewish Chronicle.

And there's more in Hebrew.

About Limmud events around the world

Michele Chabin at The New York Jewish Week, Limmud Taking Root In A Changing Tel Aviv.

At Tel Aviv's first Limmud, participants confront Israel's raucous politics by Ben Sales at The Times of Israel, "Pluralistic Judaic learning conference addresses issues such as secular-religious divide, anarchy and discrimination against African migrants"

Limmud will get 'refreshing' new look by Simon Rocker at The JC.

Warm, diverse gathering at fourth Limmud Bay Area by Sara Weissman at

Ethnic Armenians adopt Limmud model for diaspora in Russia by Cnaan Liphshiz at The Times of Israel

Revolution in Jewish Life Called Limmud by David Hazony, at The Jewish Daily Forward. "Limmud may end up overturning the apple cart of Jewish life."

Limmud: A Post-Post-Modern Community. by Sam Lebens at Facebook. "This atmosphere allows you to engage in real conversation."

The Amazing Limmud Experience by Alex Israel at the Thinking Israel blog. "One hour, you are the teacher; the next hour, you are the student."

Limmud Nation by William Kolbrener at the Open Minded Torah blog. "Perhaps this is what the Jewish people needs more of today - public spaces where it is free to take risks, exchange perspectives and ideas, encounter difference without fear - opening up to the possibility, even as we maintain our affiliations, of connecting with those different from ourselves, maybe even learning something new."

The Orthodox rabbi who loves Limmud by Nathan Lopes Cardozo at The Jewish Chronicle. "I love to come to Limmud to listen and to teach. Limmud is a place where I am challenged, where I hear new things (including some utter nonsense), where I can fall in love with my fellow Jews, laugh and cry with them and share my commitment to and struggles with Judaism."

Article about Limmud Arava by Peggy Cidor in the Jerusalem Post.

Yeshiva University student Yael Roberts writes about her experience at Limmud NY. "Limmud was only the beginning of a conversation. Limmud was the opening of boxes, the breaking down of boundaries, the beginning of questions, and the search for answers to things I've always wondered about."

Entries about Limmud (UK, Hungary, LA) at the Pardes student blog. "Limmud was, without question, a life-changing experience for me.". "If I sound positively giddy (nay evangelical!) about the whole thing it is because Limmud is quite simply, unequivocally bloody brilliant."

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