Limmud Jerusalem - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Limmud?
A: Limmud is a festival of diverse Jewish culture which addresses various Jewish audiences with an assortment of learning methods. Limmud Jerusalem is part of Limmud International, a grassroots volunteer-run phenomenon based on values of giving, learning, diversity, participation, and respect. Limmud is not affiliated with any denomination or political party. The first Limmud took place in the UK in 1980. Over the past three decades Limmud has developed substantially and now operates in over 80 locations worldwide (including 8 in Israel) and attracts thousands of new people annually. For additional details see the Home page.

Q: What and Where?
A: Limmud Jerusalem will take place on Thursday and Friday, August 27-28 2015, 12-13 Elul 5775. It will be held at the World Zionist Organization campus at Har Herzl and at the adjacent Beit Ha'aracha Bait VaGan. The event will begin at 9am on Thursday and will close at 4pm on Friday.

Q: What's in the program?
A: Limmud is open to any and all areas of Jewish content: Art | Jewish Texts | Technology | Jerusalem | Poetry and Piyut | Zionism | Philosophy | Food | Jewish Ethnic Groups | Literature | and more, all under one roof. Furthermore, diversity is fundamental to Limmud. As such, content can be in a variety of languages, modes of presentation (lecture, workshop, show, film, tour, panel, and more). We encourage presenters of all ages.

The Limmud program is built "bottom-up," based on participants' suggested presentations, and as the event approaches, more program details will be updated on the program page.

Q:For whom is this event?
A: Audiences at Limmud come from diverse Jewish populations - from young children through teen to adults, from various Jewish beliefs and lifestyles, different ethnic origins and cultural preferences, and more! Whatever your Jewish journey is, there is room at Limmud for everyone!

Q: What is there for children and teens?
A: There will be child care, Young Limmud, and Teen Limmud. Entire families come to Limmud and enjoy the various activities that take place in parallel.

Q: Is it accessible?
A: The two Limmud Jerusalem sites at Har Herzl are accessible to wheelchairs, the hearing impairmed, and the visual impaired. You are more than welcome to ask us specific questions relevant to your particular experience, and we will be glad to answer and assist. Email us at

Q: It sounds great! Where do I sign up?
A: All registration details and forms are on the Registration page.

Q: May I offer to present a session?
A: Of course you may! At Limmud we believe that everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher. In addition to filling out the participation form, send us your suggested presentation via the presenter's form, no later than August 6th, 2015.

Q: I would love to volunteer and help somehow. How may I do so?
A: Limmud is based on values of contribution, and dozens of volunteers are taking an active part in making it happen - both before and during the event . It is Limmud tradition for participants to take an hour or two (or even more) during the event to volunteer for one of the different activities that are part of operating the event. If you are interested in volunteering, we'd love you to tell us that in your registration form. See you there!

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