About Limmud Jerusalem

Limmud Jerusalem is an experiential learning event built around Jerusalem's unique Jewish society. Become a partner in this fascinating Jewish and Israeli journey!

We aspire to create a unique, diverse learning community that will reflect the wide spectrum of Judaism as a living, renewed, relevant global cultural entity, bringing together the creative forces beating in Jerusalem.

Limmud Jerusalem aims to create a diverse and contemporary Jewish vision through the belief that learning produces action.

The goals of Limmud Jerusalem are:

  • To enable participants to expand and develop their own Jewish-Israeli journey
  • To create a Jewish-Israeli discourse that is affirmative and current, recognizing the diverse communities in Jerusalem and strengthening the bond between them.
  • To expose the Jerusalem community to the diverse faces of Diaspora Jewry and to create a cultural dialogue.

What is Limmud? Limmud is a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization that brings together Jews of all types and all ages to learn with and from each other, and engage each other in fun and interesting ways. Limmud began in England over 30 years ago, grew into the largest annual Jewish event in the UK and has spread to over 60 communities worldwide. Now Limmud Jerusalem will take place for the first time!

The learning at Limmud happens in many forms, from text studies or lectures to music, films, movement sessions, art activities or group discussions. Similarly, Limmud embraces "Big Tent Judaism" with an emphasis on a positive and contemporary embrace of viewpoints as diverse as its participants. In starting Limmud Jerusalem, we see an opportunity to bridge the gaps that have fractured our city.

Limmud JLM is part of the Limmud International family
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